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A private pilot is someone who gets to know the freedom of flying.  These pilots have the training and knowledge to take many different types of trips.  From trips for pleasure with friends and family, to scenic local flights, to just going up to work on piloting skills, a private pilot has the skills for a number of.


An instrument rating will teach you to fly based on the information seen on the instrument panel! It will give you the freedom to fly even when the clouds are low, or visibility is restricted.



A Commercial certificate is the last step before you are able to work as a pilot! It’s often viewed as one of the easier licenses because it’s a fun opportunity to learn how to safely “throw the airplane around”


A huge step towards working as a pilot, your multi-engine commercial add-on teaches you how to safely fly a twin airplane. It opens the door on future employment opportunities.

Kalitta Training

Flight Instructors

We teach flight instructors, instrument flight instructors, and multi-engine instructors to be the best instructors they can be. Typically, becoming a flight instructor is a pilot’s first job in the industry, it helps them better understand every aspect of aviation, while building their hours.

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